When a Retail/Consumer-Style Printer or Copier Makes Sense

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(4.5-min read) The Frequent Push Toward Commercial Models The printer industry is awash with articles explaining why commercial printers, copiers, or multi-function devices (MFDs) are superior to their consumer-level counterparts typically found in retail stores. For many businesses, this is absolutely true—for high-volume, commercial printers will ultimately be the most cost-efficient over the life of…Read Full Article

How GPOs Reduce Costs for Healthcare Office Equipment

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(4-minute read) The Bigger the Deal, the Greater the Leverage If you’ve ever needed to negotiate the price you pay for goods and services with providers, you can attest to a particular balancing act that takes place. Various factors can shift your bargaining and negotiating power closer to or further away from your side of…Read Full Article

Why Are Retail Desktop MFDs So Much Cheaper Than Commercial Models?

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(6-min read) While shopping for new printers, copiers, or multifunction devices (MFDs), you may be shocked by the stark price difference between retail consumer devices and commercial-grade devices. The prices for consumer-grade equipment may look pretty attractive while commercial-grade devices seem exponentially more expensive. What gives?! They’re both essentially doing the same job, right?  Well,…Read Full Article

Common IT Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

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Every company in the world depends on some form of technology to function and achieve success. This means companies, especially small companies, need to put a lot of thought into their IT-related decision. In a small business, these IT decisions can have a huge impact and it’s all too easy to make common mistakes. Being…Read Full Article

Document Management Makes Life Easier for SMBs


Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB) often have a hard time staying organized. Trying to match workload demands to staff size can lead to disorder and clerical errors. However, using the right document management system can help SMBs stay organized while saving time and money. Here are four ways electronic content management (ECM) can help SMBs. Simplifies Records–…Read Full Article