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Get the Right Paper for Your Business and Equipment Needs

Stack of paper in a printer output tray

The paper you use in copiers or printers has a big effect on the final product and can impact the usability of your office equipment.

When picking paper, start by considering how it’s going to be used. High-speed copiers and printers require higher quality paper than a 15-print-per-minute machine.

Color quality can differ significantly depending on the grade of paper. Service calls for poor copy quality can also be avoided by using paper made specifically for color prints. Make sure the paper being used is the right weight and texture when color printing equipment creates images that wrinkle, jam, offset, fade, or smudge. Several other paper issues can affect image quality as well as serviceability including:

  • Brightness: The whiter the paper, the more colorful the print. This is because the contrast between the paper and the image makes the print look higher quality.
  • Dust: Poorly cut or processed paper can carry dust that builds up inside the printer, which will affect print quality and create paper jams.
  • Finish: Paper needs to be slick enough to let the toner breach the surface, but paper that is too porous will produce a fuzzy-looking image. If the paper is too slick, the feeder will have a hard time picking up single sheets. Slick paper makes a clear, sharp colorful image, but it can leave excessive color toner on the rollers, increasing the need to clean them.
  • Paper Care: Paper should be stored flat, in unopened reams. Paper that is stored in hot or cold environments and then brought in needs 24 hours to adapt to the environment.

The price and value of paper must be judged on an individual basis. There is nothing wrong with using the least expensive paper that suits your business needs. Keep in mind that the slower the printing equipment, the less critical the need for high-quality paper.

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