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Summer Swag Selections For Your Company

branded promotional sunglasses

Summer is officially here and with it comes lots of fun in the sun.

In order to increase the exposure of your brand or just show your customers that you hope they’re having a great season, summer-themed promotional items are always a hit. Here are some of our favorites. 

Branded Frisbees

Few other activities say “summer” like throwing around a frisbee with friends at a barbeque. Throwing a frisbee is a low-intensity outdoor activity that takes little skill or concentration, but remains an activity enjoyed by friends and family members of all ages. A few perks of giving out branded frisbees from your company are that frisbees are extremely inexpensive while providing a large area to display your brand. Frisbees are also fairly resilient, so your flying advertisement will likely see many summers with your customers. 

Branded Sunglasses

Who doesn’t like blocking harmful UV ways and looking cool in the process? Branded sunglasses are excellent conversation starters at outdoor events — from the baseball field to a day on the lake. One of the best aspects of branded shades? They’re cheap. Not only will you not shell out a lot of money putting your company logo into all manner of social get-togethers, but people will seek your shades out for events where they normally would feel uncomfortable wearing expensive sunglasses — such as at the beach or on the lake. This means that your brand may be able to go where name-brand shades dare not go. 

Branded Ball Caps & Bucket Hats

Like cheaper sunglasses, inexpensive branded ball caps or bucket hats are a great opportunity for your logo to go where someone may uncomfortable wearing a more expensive cap. Stylish, yet utilitarian in function, you can help your customers keep the sun out of their eyes or off their ears for not a lot of money. 

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