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The Appeal of Branded Outdoor Vests for Employees

(4-min read) Full disclosure — I used to think that the idea of an outdoor vest was pretty...well, silly, to put it lightly. I would see people wearing them and think, “but what about your arms? Aren’t they getting cold?” It wasn’t until I was given a fleece vest that I realized just how useful outdoor vests are for fall and temperate winter days. Let’s take a look at why a branded outdoor vest may be an incredible handout for employees and clients alike this winter season. 

Outdoor Vests Aren’t Just for Outdoors

To keep employees happy, many offices opt to keep the thermostat chillier rather than warmer. In many instances, the rationale is that it’s easier to warm one’s self with a sweater, jacket, or blanket than to cool one’s self in a warmer office. In these scenarios, there’s nothing more aggravating than an inability to dial in your personal body temperature. Full jackets or even sweaters may be too warm, while long-sleeve shirts may not be warm enough. This is where I find that outdoor vests are the perfect balance of coziness and breathability. When your core is kept warm by a vest, this also keeps your extremities much warmer than you’d imagine possible. 

Outdoor Vests Great for All-Day Layering

If you’re out and about all day in the fall or winter, your need for warm layers may change with the day’s events and weather patterns. What was a warm jacket in the morning soon becomes a little bit much as the sun growers higher in the sky, and you move from place to place — possibly in and out of heated areas. Sleeves may get rolled up, or jackets get tied around waists, necks, or stuffed into bags. A vest, however, is a game-changer for days of varying chill and activity. Vests provide enough cozy chill protection in the morning with help from a hot coffee or other beverage. As the day progresses, the vest is still comfortable as temperatures increase or you spend more time in heated vehicles or facilities. 

Outdoor Vests are Classy Casual

There’s are a few reasons why you’re likely to see an array of vests at your family’s Thanksgiving gathering — a. They’re perfect November garments, b. They’re dress-casual. While a hoodie can make a more formal ensemble look more casual, vests tend to keep a dressy look more formal. Even when worn with a polo shirt or even a t-shirt, the collars of an outdoor vest add a touch of class to any outfit. 

Outdoor Vests are Versatile

Among clothing selections, outdoor vests are one of the most unisex-friendly clothing items available. If you’re looking to purchase one style clothing for a diverse group, such as your workforce or for attendees of an event, you can’t go wrong with a neutral-colored, branded outdoor vest. Men and women of all ages can appreciate a comfortable vest. 

Outdoor Vests Can Be Comfortably Branded

Giving out branded apparel can be a delicate process. If your branding is too overt, the recipients of your branded apparel may not want to wear it very often. A jacket with an obnoxious logo or abundance of branding images will make it feel like a part of a uniform rather than something they wear out with their friends. With outdoor vests, however, branding can be more subtle. A well-placed embroidered logo on the chest is all it takes to turn a vest from solely an appealing cool-weather garment to a new interest in your company or organization. Due to the logo’s subtly, the owner of the garment won’t feel strange about wearing it to brunch with friends, to family gatherings, or even to places of worship. 

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