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Video: Meet Tulsa’s Ricoh Printer Service Team


Hello, my name is Ed Daman - Vice President of Operations at JD Young Technologies. We've built our reputation on providing world-class service to companies just like yours for over 70 years. To achieve this, we've assembled highly specialized and tenured teams to keep your organization systems running at peak performance. And now I'd like to introduce you to our Rico duty service team.

My name is Vince Terrell. I'm the Director of Service. I've been with JD Young since 1984. 

I'm Danny Gregory. I've been with JD Young for 32 years.

My name is Oscar Ward. I've been with JD Young for 20 years.

I'm the Senior Technician. Ted Durbin. I'm the Ricoh Team Supervisor.

I've been with JD young 19 years.  Scott Officer.

I've worked for JD Young going on 15 years. 

I'm Shawn Brinlee. I've been here currently 14 years.  

Darren Thomas — Senior Service Technician with JD Young.

I've been doing this with JD Young for 14 years. 

I'm Brad Biggers. I've been with JD Young for four years, and I've been in industry for 30. 

Vince Terrell: I think customer service is an integral part of what our business is. And I like the fact that JD Young really represents excellent customer service.

Ted Durbin: We're problem solvers. We usually interact with customers when they have an issue. Shawn Brinlee: I go into a customer's office and I treat them like friends and family. 

Scott Officer: I've known some of these people 10+ years, and just listening to what they need and then be able to solve an issue for them really means a lot to me.

Darren Thomas: I like to meet new people — going from service call to service call, building good reports with my customers, and giving them a good experience with JD Young.

Oscar Ward: A customer had a machine that was causing her a lot of problems, but she really needed a job to get done in a near quick future. I came in there, addressed the problem with her. I found out exactly what was going on, worked at it. I had to get some service help from other techs to get this resolved. And at the end of the job, it was done and she was very happy because she can get her job completed and it just worked out for everybody.

Ed Daman: And our superior service doesn't stop once the job is done. We have a dedicated staff of support and admin personnel that ensure that each customer experience is an award-winning one. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us just a little bit better. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Learn more about the receiving award-winning printer device service and support in Tulsa, OK.

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