Photo of Mike Milburn

Mike Milburn Vice President of Business Development

Meet Mike —  a Vice President of Business Development who has been with JD Young Technologies for 23 years with over 34 years in the business solutions industry. Mike has seen monumental change and evolution within the business solutions field — a perspective that has allowed him to anticipate customer needs. His unique perspective has allowed him to educate them on solutions they would presently need and anticipate their future needs. Mike has helped many customers — both large and small — completely overhaul their business solutions. These necessary changes allowed them to save time, effort, space, and money. For example, Mike’s expertise resulted in a solution that saved the customer over $1 million a year. None of these changes would have been possible if Mike had not been an utterly trustworthy industry expert with the customer’s success as his north star. When Mike isn’t providing customers with expert business technology insight, he can likely be found on the golf course, turning a wrench under the hood of one of his classic cars, or spending time with his family.

"So, it's not like people are coming and going. They're here to stay. I mean, most of the employees retire here—they don't leave. That's why I've been there for 23 years. It's a great place to work.”