Monte McNutt Production Specialist

Meet Monte —  a Production Specialist who has been with JD Young Technologies for two years with over 35 years in the business solutions industry. He has a degree in Electronics Engineering and started his career as a copier technician in 1984 before becoming a Production Specialist. Monte’s broad perspective and knowledge of the business solutions industry — from the internal functions of a machine to the elaborate needs of a company — has allowed him to provide customers with technological solutions that help save them time, effort, space, and money. When Monte isn’t developing win-win solutions for Production print clients, Monte is a keen believer in giving back to the community — whether as a board member for Junior Achievement or as a Rotarian for over 15 years. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

“[We’re] not just coming in with a solution that they have to adapt to. Our solution adapts to their problem.”