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What to Know About 3 Types of IT Security

IT security

The importance of property IT security cannot be understated.

It is crucial that every company take steps to defend itself against attack. Being familiar with the three primary kinds of IT security will help your organization make more informed implementation decisions.

1. Network Security

Stop clicking “Remind me later” on antivirus software updates. Keeping your software updated and performing regular maintenance will safeguard your network security. We were all taught to assume other drivers on the road are unsafe, and the same goes for networks. Pretend any network except your own is insecure. This means networks in cafés, hotels, and libraries. Always make sure your security software is up-to-date and working to protect you from potential cyber threats.

2. Physical Device Security

You should always keep devices like tablets, laptops, phones, and desktop computers turned off when not in use. Don’t just put them in “sleep” or “hibernation” mode. Doing this will make sure any device that can be password-protected is password-protected. It’s ironic that the type of security that gives businesses the most problems is the easiest to defend against.

Bonus: The Importance of Securing Physical Data Storage Equipment

3. Data Security

Passwords are the first line of defense. Ensure you take the time to create strong passwords for all your data-sensitive devices. In addition to password protection, encryption is also a useful tool in protecting your data. Don’t access bank accounts or financial institutions when you are not on your own secure network if you can help it. Regularly back up your data for emergency situations. If you need to access information while you’re out and about, cloud backup is a great option.

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