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Electronic Document Management In The Judicial System

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When most of us think about a lawyer or legal counsel, we imagine someone lugging around file folders bulging with papers. It is true that the legal world is still brimming with paperwork. Though this remains the case, electronic content management systems are making life much more manageable for lawyers, legal clerks, and the entire legal system in general.

ECM For Document Retrieval and Discovery

The discovery process of requesting all of the documentation necessary can be quite an ordeal for legal counsel and a client alike. Knowing who to contact and knowing how to retrieve the necessary documentation can take time. Making accompanying copies of required documentation be slow and costly. Thanks to electronic content and document management systems, retrieving essential documents during discovery for a case has never been easier. Even when physical documents are still required, the process of obtaining these documents has been much easier thanks to filing management software.

ECM for Case Preparation

Thanks to technological innovations, many organizations are able to utilize specialists remotely from anywhere. This is also true for legal teams. In the past, teams have had to work on cases while physically together due to limited access to essential legal documentation and ease of collaboration in general. Advances in electronic content management systems allow legal teams to work together on cases no matter where team members are located. Gone are the days of a client having to settle for the best case preparation available in their area. ECM systems allowed for easier “long-distance” collaboration on legal cases. Though paperwork is still the backbone of the legal system, the wheels of justice continue to be greased by technological innovation, including electronic document management.

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