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Is your team tired of lugging around water cooler bottles or cases of bottled water? The answer may be connected to your own tap.

Think Healthy Water Systems

A hydrated team is a happy and productive one. To maintain a consistent supply of the cleanest water possible with minimal effort, Think Health Systems, a subsidiary company of JD Young Technologies, is excited to be Oklahoma's premier provider of Pure Water Technology drinking water systems.

How Does it Work?

The Pure Water Technology systems filter your office or gym's tap water on-site—able to dispense it from the same location at any desired temperature. Unlike water cooler systems or bottled water, there's no refilling or restocking necessary.

All water comes from your on-site water source and is run through multiple filters, including a process of reverse osmosis, designed to remove any sediment, chemicals, bacteria, or other toxins. The water is oxygenated within the device for a fresh taste. Your team or guests can enjoy an endless supply of the cleanest, most refreshing water at the push of a button.

Environmentally Friendly

For organizations looking to do their part to help the environment, Pure Water Technology systems are among the most environmentally friendly purified water delivery systems available.

The system requires no water bottle replacements or restocking, reducing delivery vehicle emissions. The water stations also drastically reduce the amount of bottle refuse generated by your office.

Effortless Water Delivery

Pure Water Technology water stations take up minimal space in your office's breakroom—typically less space than that of a water cooler system.

Each system is professionally installed and regularly maintained by Think Healthy Systems' on-site technicians to ensure optimum water quality and station function.

Taste the Difference

If you have any questions about the Pure Water Technology or their regular maintenance, you're invited to connect with a specialist from Think Healthy Systems.

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