How much will MPS save my company?

To discover how much Managed Print Services will save your company, request your free SMARTPRiNT™ assessment.

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90 Percent

90% of companies don’t know how much they spend on print.

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10,000 Pages

The typical office worker prints 10,000 pages per year at an average annual cost of $725.

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3rd Highest Expense

Print is typically the third highest business operating expense behind rent and payroll.

Measurable Value From MPS

Managed Print Services (MPS) brings a much-needed four-step consultative approach to your organization’s print needs. The service provides measurable value by (1) assessing your company’s needs, (2) identifying costly inefficiencies, and (3) designing a data-driven, customized plan for your organization. MPS specialists then (4) implement and maintain your print environment—checking one more item off your responsibilities list and preventing many headaches for your IT department.

With MPS, You Enjoy...

  • A data-driven, customized print plan
  • Immediate print cost reduction
  • An IT department freed from print issues
  • Automated printer supply provisions
  • Simplified expense reporting

Powered By Our Own SMARTPRiNT™ Technology

To ensure that your MPS plan continues to serve you optimally month after month, year after year, continued data-driven adjustments can be made. To obtain real-time analytics about your organization’s print needs, we developed our very own remote print monitoring and maintenance system—SMARTPRiNT™.

SMARTPRiNT™ allows us to…

  • Identify inefficiencies in a print system
  • Use real data to determine optimal device placement and consolidation
  • Reduce downtime by detecting device issues early
  • Remotely diagnose and remedy many technical or network issues
  • Remotely obtain device usage and printer supplies data, removing the need for manual meter readings

How Does MPS Work?

1. Request Your Free SMARTPRiNT™ Assessment
Your complimentary SMARTPRiNT™ assessment of your current print systems will pinpoint your most costly inefficiencies.

2. Streamlined Office Setup
Our skilled MPS specialists work to streamline your office print setup based on assessments as well as your print goals, volume requirements, and unique workflow styling.

3. Print System Management
Once the optimal print environment has been designed and implemented for your team members, we assume the role of managing your entire printing infrastructure.

Your Free Ebook: How Does MPS Work?

Receive an in-depth look at how Managed Print Services work to remove costly inefficiencies from your organization’s print systems.

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