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Are your marketing materials failing to resonate with your target audience? Our marketing professionals can help you develop a winning plan.

JD Young + Brookside Studios = Full-Service Marketing Solutions

To provide your business with winning solutions, Brookside Studios, one of our subsidiary companies, is ready to provide your organization with a full suite of marketing solutions.

From website development and email campaign management to advertising, content development, social media marketing, graphic design, and more, Brookside Studios can fulfill all of your marketing needs.

Award-Winning Website Development

Studies have revealed that between 70-80% of consumers research a brand or company online before deciding to do business with them.

For this reason, your organization’s website and online marketing (emails, social media, educational resources, etc.) have the potential to earn their trust and inspire them to reach out...or to send them elsewhere.

Grab Their Attention

When your audience researches your organization online, your website is one of their first stops. According to a very recent study, around 55% of visitors spent less than 15 seconds on a website before they lose interest and “bounce” out. This narrow window means that your website has to earn your audience’s attention quickly and not let go. Fortunately, the web designers, developers, and marketing experts from Brookside Studios can help. For their continued talent and professionalism, they were ranked among the Best Web Developers in Tulsa, OK in 2020 by

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Full-Service Marketing Solutions

Though your website can help motivate your audience to connect or buy, getting them there requires significant promotional efforts. Supporting these efforts is why Brookside Studios is proud to provide an entire suite of marketing solutions.

Brookside Studios’ team of experienced marketing specialists can design your organization’s brand—with a look, feel, and messaging specifically intended to earn the trust of your target audience.

They can further develop and manage promotional campaigns that utilize email and social media messaging to keep your base engaged.

Their skillful content specialists can craft helpful resources voiced through your brand and designed to answer your audience’s questions.

The marketing professionals from Brookside Studios are ready to help you kindle a meaningful relationship with your target audience—online and offline.

Get Help Building Your Brand

We invite you to connect with the web development and marketing professionals from Brookside Studios. Learn more about how to begin building a brand capable of earning your audience’s trust.

Promotional & Corporate Apparel

Whether you'd like to apply branding elements (names, logos, etc.) to official uniforms or promotional items intended for distribution, JD Young Technologies can help. Our vendor access allows us to assist you in branding literally thousands of different products.

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