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24/7 Help Desk

Don't let downed networks impede your progress ever again. Your team can enjoy Oklahoma-based 24/7 help desk support to remedy IT related issues quickly.

Your staff will love the ongoing support. You'll love the flat monthly rates.

Top-Tier Security

Protecting the sensitive data of your company, your team members, and your clients has never been more critical.

Our data and cybersecurity experts can protect all of your systems from cyber threats large and small to keep your data secure—both for in-office as well as remote workers.

Your Networks, Managed

You wear a lot of hats. "IT firefighter" shouldn't have to be one of them. Our IT network experts are fully equipped to assume the role of your IT department as part of a Managed Network Services (MNS) plan.

Let us handle all of your IT needs for a flat monthly rate.

Answers to Tech Questions

Do you have MNS and IT questions? Our experts have answers.

Fixed-Rate IT Service

Managed Network Services from JD Young Technologies provides round-the-clock proactive monitoring of your organization's entire IT infrastructure. Equipped with the latest tools and years of experience, our team of IT specialists work to proactively keep your systems updated with the latest security patches, performance updates, and malware scans.

For any issues that require on-site help, our IT experts can responsibly provide on-site technical assistance at any location. All of these services are available for a flat monthly price. No nickel and diming—just quality service for one fixed monthly rate.

Intuitive Ticketing For Faster Service

To simplify submitting a request for IT service, our Managed Network Services specialists are just a few clicks away thanks for our intuitive ticketing system. Not only does our system place timely repairs and upgrade requests at your fingertips, but your team will love being able to view status updates in real-time.

Issue service tickets, check repair statuses and witness how our IT specialists remain ahead of the curve of your network issues.

Faster Recovery with a Data Vault System

Whether due to a ransomware attack or systems failure, a loss of data can be devastating for any company or organization. To protect against such data theft, ransomware, or system failure, we're happy to keep your information safe using data vaults.

By capturing a full image of your system data, your team will hardly miss a beat in the event of data loss. Breathe easy knowing that your company and client data is secure from loss or threats.

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Do you still have questions about our IT service capabilities for your company or organization? Are you curious about how we can offer such robust network management for a flat monthly rate?

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