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Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Phone Service

Your organization has likely already begun to utilize cloud-based computing to keep your data secure and accessible from anywhere. What if these same cloud-based advantages were available in a phone system?

With voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone services from JD Young Technologies, your company can enjoy cloud-based telephone service with award-winning Tulsa-based support.

Cloud-Based = Phone Service From Anywhere

By utilizing an internet connection instead of a phone line for your team’s phone services, you’re never out of reach. Your team members can receive or place phone calls and retrieve messages from a single line across all enabled devices—including handsets, mobile phones, computers, and even tablets.

Utilizing this functionality is effortless whether your staff is in the office, working from home, or on the road.

Robust Features

Cloud-based phone service means that your team has access to top-tier features from anywhere. Whether through a dedicated handset or an intuitive desktop or mobile application on an enabled device, staff members can quickly forward calls, record calls, or access messages.

For data-driven teams using CRM systems, VoIP systems allow for effortless call data integration from anywhere.

Flexible & Unified

The promise of growth or fear of future downsizing is no reason to wait to make a move to cloud-based phone services. With no on-site phone server and a per-line price model, your company can add or drop lines as needed.

Are some of your team members across town, working from home, or across the country? VoIP phone systems allow you to unify your team’s communications regardless of geographic location.

Surprisingly Affordable

One would imagine that a flexible phone service as drenched in features as these would cost an arm and a leg, right? Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. Charged per-line, most cloud-based business phone systems are incredibly affordable.

Many teams are surprised by the number of new features they receive while actually saving money in the process.

Local Support You Can Trust

To ensure consistent business phone service, JD Young Technologies has teamed with BTC Broadband. JD Young has an award-winning reputation for delivering the highest quality service to Tulsa, OK businesses for over 70 years.

BTC has provided quality phone service to Bixby, OK customers for more than 100 years. Your team can enjoy a locally-based phone service that’s downright obsessed with lasting customer satisfaction.

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