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Keep Call Data In-House

With your on-premises-based phone system, there’s no need to access an external “cloud” server. Not only does this mean maximized security for organizations dealing with sensitive information, but reliable office phone systems for places with inconsistent internet connections.

Utilizing a PBX system, all of your phone system hardware, including servers, are housed and operate out of your company’s physical location.

Highly Customizable In-House

For organizations utilizing a PBX phone system, adding new lines may be as simple as installing new phones into an existing server port.

Other phone functions can be updated depending on the system’s capabilities and the abilities of those tasked with maintaining said phone systems.

Traditional PBX & IP-PBX Systems

Within the world of PBX phone systems, traditional PBX systems utilize phone lines while IP-PBX systems connect via an internet connection. Depending on your organization’s needs, one may be more advisable than the other.

Inconsistent internet connections can make traditional PBX systems more appealing, while IP-PBX systems can unlock a greater variety of call and messaging features.

Consistent Pricing

Not only are PBX phone systems excellent for organizations who wish to keep system hardware onsite, but most associated costs exist within the equipment instead of service usage.

Following device acquisition and installation, there are few additional ongoing costs for phone service outside of usual phone or internet connection rates—unlike cloud-based systems that operate on a per-line monthly payment schedule.

Is a PBX System in Your Future?

If you have questions about on-premises-based PBX phone systems, you’re invited to speak with a telecommunications professional from JD Young Technologies.

For over 70 years, JD Young has helped businesses just like yours attain and maintain a wide variety of business solutions that have enabled them to thrive.

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