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Process Nodes

Utilize an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to design the steps of your business process. Along the way, use Process Nodes to develop touchpoints for every desired action and decision along the workflow.


Use Connections to link Process Nodes with their intended path in your process. GlobalAction provides a process design palette for enhanced visualization of your process from start to finish.


Create unique Queues to facilitate sub-processes within your workflows. Customize Queues with security protocols, parameters, and rule enforcement to customize each user’s capabilities.

Intuitively Automate Your Business Processes with GlobalAction

GlobalAction offers a true cross-platform interface that can be accessed from PC and Mac devices, featuring a fully web-based zero-footprint design surface. On Demand Localization allows the GlobalAction interface to switch to an assortment of languages seamlessly. GlobalAction is equipped to help you accomplish complex business processes regardless of location.

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Web-Based Designer

Graphical presentation of the process makes it easy to create, troubleshoot, or revise a process from start to finish. The expanded process palette provides engaging visualizations of the entire business automation process from a web-based canvas.

Inject GlobalForms

With the GlobalForms Node, administrators can insert a web form activity set to email a link for users to enter information. A PDF record of the form, including attachments, becomes part of the project documentation.

Multi-Threaded Engine

A truly enterprise solution, GlobalAction is customizable and can be scaled to meet any-sized organization’s needs.


Analytics add business intelligence to GlobalAction Workflows by providing management reports on document-driven processes. Dashboard views of your GlobalAction process queues offer real-time visibility into your transactional activity.

Workflow Properties

Designated Workflow Properties introduce added security-specific and process-specific values to a record while simplifying the overall database design.

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Work Queue Security

Define which users can participate in a specific process or sub-process within the workflow using adjustable work queue security settings.


Nodes are the individual elements that compose the user’s specific workflow structure. They are dragged from the Nodes pane onto the Design Canvas—creating a customized flow of information.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

A drag-and-drop interface makes creating and editing processes intuitive and efficient— translating into project delivery cost savings.

Timed Event Triggers

Event Triggers add flexible intervals between workflow actions based on the timing of a process. Process notifications can be customized to inform users of specific events as they occur over a selected duration of time.

Process Connections

Connections assist in visualizing action between Nodes. They serve as links between the different Nodes on the Design Canvas represented by labeled arrows pointing towards the workflow’s direction.

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