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Learn how you can access and manage your business documents from anywhere.

Extend Your Access

Enjoy untethered access to your documents regardless of location or device. GlobalSearch allows you to enjoy secure access to your business content with a platform optimized to deliver a web-based desktop experience.

Connected No Matter Your Device

Get access to your information regardless of your specific mobile device, tablet, or laptop. As a true cross-platform application, GlobalSearch supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox—allowing full access regardless of your device.

Keep Business Moving

Need to approve an invoice or review a contract on the go? GlobalSearch allows total workflow functionality—including automated routings, notifications, escalations, and much more. Work doesn’t have to stop just because you’re out of the office.

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GlobalSearch Keeps You Connected & Productive Regardless of Location

Enjoy this quick introduction to all the capabilities of GlobalSearch.

Remote Access

Square 9’s GlobalSearch platform extends the reach beyond traditional LAN, WAN, or VPN access by delivering remote access to documents from any browser. As the next generation of ECM technology, GlobalSearch is optimized for web browser use. Regardless of platform, GlobalSearch provides the speed of a desktop experience for mobile users whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or even Internet Explorer.

Execute Workflows

Mobile users can search a single repository or access an entire database quickly and easily—locating essential data from anywhere. GlobalSearch users can securely take whatever actions are necessary to continue the flow of business information. Users receive instant notification of a pending process, view records, and make immediate decisions by executing a workflow command.

Full Feature Editing

The strength of GlobalSearch allows users to work with their documents much like they would with a hard copy version. Quickly navigate through pages, change orientations, view and edit index data, or even add annotations. Documents can be easily printed or emailed from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Security Comes Standard

As an extension of the GlobalSearch content management platform, remote users can enjoy the same granular security model. All database, document, and feature level security protections remain in place regardless of location. For users working on the network, GlobalSearch supports a single sign-on through Active Directory integration. Authentication requirements through an IIS security prompt can be set for users working outside of the network.


As a true cross-platform application, GlobalSearch leverages cutting edge technology to increase performance—reducing system payload and trips to the server. Built on HTML5 and JavaScript technology, GlobalSearch also features an ASP.NET zero-footprint viewer platform with nothing to install. GlobalSearch features a rich API with deep functionality for developers and integrators looking to integrate document management into their applications. A .NET assembly is available for traditional client/server integration. A RESTful web API can also be utilized by Web 2.0 developers and integrators.

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