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3 Ways To Make Print Marketing More Interactive

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Print marketing is a great way to engage your audience. Traditional print pieces are fairly lifeless, however. This results in consumers giving them a once over before discarding them. You may eventually get a call or visit from this contact, but it’s unlikely to be immediate. You can change the way customers treat and react to print marketing, however, by making each piece more interactive. Use these tips in your next marketing materials to persuade more of your audience to take the next step.

Social Media

If your business is active on social media, your printed materials can serve as a great way to bring more followers to your page. Sure, this isn’t directly resulting in increased sales, but it is growing the audience that has opted in to hear more from you. This means from one printed piece, you now have the ability to regularly send your message to more of a targeted audience. If you’re already invested in social media, this is a no-brainer. And, all it takes is including recognizable social media icons, like the Facebook ‘F’ or the Twitter bird. This isn’t the primary goal of your printables, but it gives users an additional way to contact and interact with your business.

Website URL

Similarly, you’ve invested in a professional looking website that likely contains a great deal more information about your business and your products and services than you could fit on printed materials. Include the URL of your website prominently on your printed marketing to bring more traffic to your site, where you can continue to educate and sell them on your value. In addition to the URL, a message explaining why they should visit is helpful. For example, ‘for more information on these products, visit us online at this address:”.

QR Codes

They’re not as trendy as they once were, but QR Codes can still be useful in certain applications. For your own purposes, you can better track the success of your print marketing by including a QR Code that takes users directly to a landing page specifically set up for this campaign. This is a way to include an easily used link offline. For customers, the QR Code will be attractive if it holds the potential of a discount or special offer.

The more value and potential actions you build into your marketing materials, the more likely your audience will interact with them beyond a single read.

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