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How to Work Effectively from Anywhere

Whether it’s working from home when your kids are sick or working from an airport lobby on a sales trip, having the ability to work from anywhere makes life so much easier. Before you leave the desk behind, there are three things you need to do if you want to be effective working remotely.

Store Everything in the Cloud- Storing all your important files allows you to have access to all your data regardless of where you are or what computer you’re using. Doing this also makes collaborating with other employees a breeze.

Sync all Devices- Standard issue equipment for the modern employee will likely include a desktop computer, laptop, and smartphone. Syncing all these devices allows you to have access to all your files on whichever device you happen to have handy.

Update Software- Bouncing around from place to place often involves using different Wi-Fi networks, which can expose your devices to more threats than you can count. Make sure your antivirus software and operating systems are up to date before you venture out of the office.

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