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The Worth of Print Assessments

Can understanding your print spend inefficiencies help you save money? Yes! According to multiple studies, businesses spend an overwhelming 1 to 3% of annual revenue on internal printing costs. What’s even more shocking is that these companies are blissfully unaware of how much money they’re wasting.

We created a print assessment to help companies realize how much they’re wasting and where this waste is coming from. In our experience, the biggest offenders that cost the most money are:

Unmanaged Users

End users rarely know the actual cost of their printing habits. Controls and measures are vitally needed to stop this waste.

Unnecessary Use of Expensive Devices

Controls and measures are even more important on high-cost machines like small desktop units and color lasers. If you get these printers in check, you’ll be shocked by how significantly your costs drop.

Lack of Standardization

Without a print strategy, the fleet will run the risk of needing extra hardware, consumables, maintenance, as well as needing more IT hours in different areas of expertise. Money will be flying out the door when you have to buy unique parts and supplies for each device, when you could bulk buy universal supplies and save money.

Out-Dated Equipment

Often, old printers and copiers are more expensive and slow to operate, not to mention less reliable. By paying a little money upfront to upgrade some key components, companies can see long-term savings.

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