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What to Consider before Your Next Copier Purchase

man wondering about new copier

Multifunction devices, or MFDs, offer big benefits in a small package. The nominal footprint of an all-in-one machine removes the need for separate standalone printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines, saving your business space and money. With these features and capabilities, how can you know which MFD is best for you?

Printing – When picking an MFD for your company, it’s important to look at your current print volume. MFDs can print thousands of pages a day on different media, other devices are more limited in terms of output and paper handling.

Copying – Black and white copying options usually come standard on MFDs, but color copying is also available on lots of models. They can also handle resizing (25% to 400%) when copying files.

Faxing – Many companies use faxing every day, making fax machines a persistent feature in office workflows. Today’s MFDs allow you to keep printing, copying, or scanning while getting and sending faxes.

Scanning – Flatbed scanners work by placing a single piece of paper on the glass to scan, while Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanners use a feeder slot to scan stacks of paper automatically. Flatbed scanners will yield higher resolution scans, but the ADF feature is great for more efficient, high-volume scanning.

Connectivity – MFDs allow you to print from a wide variety of devices: desktops or mobile devices connected to a server, USB connections, or wirelessly. Make sure the MFD you go with can support the kind of connections that work best for your business need.

Total Cost of Ownership – The cost of and MFD doesn’t end once the machine is up and running in your office. Rather, you will experience other costs during the lifespan of the MFD on things like supplies and maintenance. When assessing the price of an MFD, ask about the efficiency of the supplies and average maintenance bills.

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