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How Copiers Can Rescue Documents

close up of a professional woman interacting with a business copier's interface

A multifunction device (MFD) (aka: "the copier") is a piece of digital equipment that can copy, print, fax, and scan. Almost all MFDs have controls that enable easy communication with your IT network. Instead of only copying and faxing, you can scan and digitally file as well.

Multiple studies have shown that organizations that upgrade to MFDs when replacing old copiers and scanners save 45 minutes to an hour in sending files back and forth. For example, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago switched to MFDs and saved a considerable amount of time.

The YMCA serves a wide range of complicated needs through twenty fitness centers, four year-round resident camps, seven human service centers, five single-room housing residences, four senior housing centers, and one supportive housing residence for young adult males. On top of all that, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago is also one of the largest providers of childcare in the Midwest.

Countless documents are produced between all the different services at the YMCA. These documents need to be captured and filed at the originating sites while still being accessible throughout the corporate level. Therefore, the process of sending files back and forth or faxing them to corporate was very time consuming; it could even take an hour to send a single file in some complex cases.

By combining printing, copying, faxing, scanning, and digital sending in a single device, MFDs are giving YMCA employees network access to all the capabilities they need to effectively and quickly handle digital and paper documents.

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