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Combined Capabilities of MFDs ("Copiers") & Fax

fax machine complexity

Getting a multifunction device (MFDs, aka: copiers) with electronic fax servers can reduce the complexity of doing business by offering reliable electronic document delivery and receipt. This creates a number of significant benefits:

Control Costs with Device Consolidation
A single fax server supports many MFDs in your office. This allows you to consolidate devices and reduce costs by eliminating multiple stand-alone fax machines, modems, phone lines, and associated supplies. Faxing is also a cost and time saver by reducing the need for postal or express delivery. A 25-person company that manually faxes 30 two-page documents every day will waste 1,000 man-hours every year. Subsequently, using an MFD and other applications for fast and easy faxing cuts those man-hours down to size.

Maximize Infrastructure Assets
By blending network faxing abilities with your MFD, you can maximize your document output devices and reach increased usage of network resources. Electronic fax servers are an easy and effective way to improve your current IT infrastructure. Not only can it be used in conjunction with MFDs, but it also integrates with email, document management, and workflows.

Safeguard Security and Corporate Compliance
Regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have made it essential to protect data. Using fax servers to send and receive files is an easy way to support corporate compliance. It acts as a central hub on the network and electronically delivers data. A fax server also allows you to track fax history, assign access permissions, offer delivery confirmation, route incoming faxes automatically to recipients, increasing accountability, and provides the added layers of control.

Easy deployment and Management
Deploying and managing multiple systems and complex integrations can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for Information Technology (IT) organizations. The benefit is clearly identified - fax server software simplifies administrative functions by centralizing document development, duplication, and delivery functions on an integrated networked solution.

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