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National Data Privacy Day

data privacy day

On January 27th, 2014, the 113th Congress of the United States brought about Senate Resolution #337 — a resolution marking January 28th of every year as National Data Privacy Day. Though this day has come and gone for 2019, let us take a look at the need for this day’s designation, its beginnings, and its continued necessity. Before National Data Privacy Day was established, there had been a Data Privacy Day in place in Europe. The idea behind the allotted day was to increase data privacy awareness among as well as educational efforts for businesses and organizations alike. The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has lead efforts in the United States to create education campaigns that utilize data security professionals to bring data privacy concerns to light in an effective manner. The following is the language of the official resolution, as found from the Government Publishing Office. Expressing support for the designation of January 28th as ‘‘National Data Privacy Day’’.

Whereas new and innovative technologies enhance our lives by increasing our ability to communicate, learn, share, and produce; Whereas integration of new and innovative technologies into our everyday lives has the potential to compromise the privacy of individuals if appropriate protection is not taken; Whereas there is opportunity for governments, corporations, and civil society to work together to protect the privacy of individuals; Whereas many individuals and companies are not fully aware of the risks to the privacy of individuals posed by new and innovative technologies, of data protection and privacy laws, or of the specific steps they can take to protect the privacy of individuals; Whereas ‘‘National Data Privacy Day’’ constitutes a nationwide effort to educate and raise awareness about respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust; Whereas the annual recognition of ‘‘National Data Privacy Day’’ by Congress would encourage more people nationwide to be aware of data privacy and to take all necessary steps to prevent data loss and respect privacy; Whereas government officials and agencies, as well as representatives of businesses and nonprofit organizations, privacy professionals, academic communities, legal scholars, educators, and others with an interest in data privacy are working together on January 28, 2014, to educate and raise awareness about data privacy and about protecting the privacy of individuals; Whereas on January 28, 2014, privacy professionals and educators are being encouraged to discuss data privacy and security; and Whereas January 28, 2014, would be an appropriate day to designate as ‘‘National Data Privacy Day’’: Now, therefore, be it.

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