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4 Promotional Items Folks Will Want To Keep

When it comes to giving out promotional items, the item itself says a certain amount about your brand. The usefulness of promotional items can extend the reach of your brand long after the initial impression. It’s with this mind that we’d like to present a handful of promotional items your target audience will keep longer than your average branded pen.

Power Bank Battery Chargers

With the number of devices we keep on our person at any one time, it almost feels like we run on batteries ourselves. The next time a member of your target audience’s personal device is saved from the brink of starvation due to your branded power bank, they’ll definitely remember who to thank.

Desktop Cable Organizers

desktop cord organizer Let’s face it, our desktops are a mess. Even when we’ve collected every stray paper and removed all of the clutter, we still have a variety of powers running amok. When it comes time to find the right cable you need to charge a phone, computer, or smartwatch, taming the bowl of spaghetti that is your cords is downright frustrating. Enter the Desktop Cable Organizer! Cords are easily found, time is saved, and a customer has your brand to thank. An added perk for you is that these cable organizers are extremely affordable.

Insulated Tumbler Mugs

promotional insulated tumbler mug There’s really nothing worse than going for a swig of hot coffee in the late morning and being greeted with room-temperature brown dirt water. Name-brand insulated tumblers always seem nice, but they can run $30 and up for the same technology available in an expensive promotional product. When you offer your target audience branded insulated tumblers, they can enjoy piping hot beverages well into the afternoon or chilly drinks all day. After they take a refreshing, warming, or energizing sip, they’ll come face to face with your brand and remember that they really should give you a call.

Woodgrain Sunglasses

woodgrain sunglasses We all love sunglasses. They protect our eyes when it’s sunny, make us look cool, and can come in handy during a game of poker. Still, even the most fetching sunglasses may not be worn when they’re needed most in order to keep from losing or breaking them. Enter the awesome free branded woodgrain sunglasses you just gave your customer! Because they have a woodgrain style, they’ll continue to be eye-catching conversation starters for a long time. Because they didn’t cost them anything, your brand message will go out where the fancier sunglasses dare not tread.

These items are just the tip of the iceberg of the brandable promotional products available from JD Young Business Solutions. Search through our entire store of promotional items for your business and be the hit of the next tradeshow, office party, or giveaway.

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