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Protect Your Data with Unified Threat Management

Proactive is always better than reactive, and that goes double for IT risk management. With 55 percent of small-medium sized businesses experiencing a cyber attack in the past year, and 50 percent experiencing an actual data breach, you can’t afford to wait. A bit skeptical? Here are a few stats that might change your mind.

  • The average cost to replace one stolen record is $158
  • 60 percent of companies that lose a significant amount of data will shut down 6 months after the attack
  • 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error
  • On average attackers stay dormant within a network for 200 days before detection

These aren’t scare tactics or embellishments; this is just the world we live in. Ready to Be Proactive? To help businesses like yours defend against these constant cyber threats, JD Young offers Unified Threat Management (UTM). When paired with our Managed Network Solutions, we are able to detect and suppress cyber-attacks before they ever happen. One Way in and One Way Out What makes our UTM service so effective is we use a single source to monitor all security efforts across all your devices. It’s like having one master gatekeeper that knows when to open the firewall to allow your phone, computer, router, and other devices to work with each other. More importantly, it knows when to shut the gate to keep out any would-be attackers.

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