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An Intro to Managed Network Services For Designers and Architects

female architect using computer

Isn't it about time that architects and designers received help from managed network services?

If you’re an architect or designer, you know that before any project gets off the ground, you likely have a laundry list of items to consider and manage.

In most instances, the clunky technicalities of engineering specifics, resource allocation, managing a budget, and even building codes can clash with your role as a designer. We know managing parts of the technical end of any project can be a pain. For this reason, we’re pleased to reveal your next helpful tool on the job: professional managed network services (MNS).  Managed network services, sometimes referred to as managed IT services, allows you to push many technical maintenance tasks off of your plate, leaving them to the capable systems and technical specialists. This allows you to focus on the more specialized aspects of your designer or architect duties. Whether your job requires you to interact with access control points, automation systems, or anything related to the storage and transfer of data, selecting the most appropriate managed network services company for your work is as crucial as any other part of your project.  As a designer or architect, you realize the importance of a well-constructed plan before initiating construction. Oddly enough, there is still a disconnect between many design professionals and choosing professional network managed services providers. Choosing a managed network service that lacks experience in the construction, design, or architecture field can result in faulty systems, lost data, compromised data security, or even a violation of state or federal law. Having someone you can contact to work out data issues before, during, and following a project not only ensures a smooth project but also peace of mind every step of the way. Choosing a managed network services provider with a solid track record in the design and construction industry is a must.

Managed Network Services Process Staging

Like a design project, the implementation of professional managed network services takes on a handful of stages. 

Managed Network Services Design 

During this phase, managed network service needs are expressed and discussed. The MNS professionals may identify further needs and potential IT infrastructure weaknesses. A plan for managing all relevant technical systems is carefully and professionally developed. 

Managed IT Plan Execution

Once a plan has been fully developed, it is time for execution. Physical and virtual systems are implemented or developed in accordance with the latest techniques as well as in compliance with state and federal law. 

Ongoing Managed Network System Maintenance

After any managed network system has been put into place or adapted accordingly, it can be monitored and maintained remotely by experienced managed IT professionals. This allows you to offload the headaches of systems maintenance onto our a staff of technical experts. Spend less time trying to manage or maintain technical systems and more time being the architect or designer you were meant to be. 

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