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Go green, Save green!

The environmental impact of printing is not something most companies are aware of. With high energy usage, paper consumption, and inefficient printers, everyday printing at the office can really take a toll on mother nature. By implementing a highly efficient managed print service (MPS) companies are realizing that printing smarter can not only help the environment, but can also help the bottom line. MPS is a great way to stretch your dollar when it comes to printing. By reducing the amount they print, companies are able to increase profits and productivity. Not to mention the positive PR buzz you can get by being a “green company.” While participating in green business practices is important, particularly in industries like education, government, and healthcare, the cost-savings is the main driving force for any business. Here’s how MPS can make your business a little more green.

  • Reduce unnecessary output
  • Reduce toner and paper usage
  • Reduce your energy usage, carbon footprint, and paper usage/waste
  • Optimize your company’s machines
  • Improve workflow by leveraging electronic document solutions
  • Maximize efficiency with fewer machines

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