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Is My Password Strong Enough?

The dawn of the digital age as brought about many conveniences we all enjoy every day. On the other hand, it has made us all vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacks. With devious entities blasting viruses left and right, your personal information is at risk of being compromised. One of the easiest ways to defend against these attacks is to use strong passwords. What Makes a Good Password? • A minimum of eight characters • Include uppercase letters and lowercase letters • At least one or more special characters (like #, %, @) What Makes a Weak Password? • Names of any kind- pets, kids, parents, spouses, and yours • Public personal information such as birthday, anniversary, address, etc. • Simple numerical sequences, like 56789 • And of course, the word ‘password’ It’s also a good idea to change your passwords occasionally, and use strong login names, as well.

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