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Be Secure When Employees Leave

Anytime an employee leaves, whether they were full-time, temporary, or seasonal, it’s important to tie up any IT security loose ends. This means you need to check for all of the following:

Desk- Check the usual spots employees hide sticky notes and bits of paper that they typically use to stash passwords on. Places like desk drawers, under keyboards, and behind monitors are all go to hiding places.

Passwords- Delete all passwords and log-ins the employee used while working for you.

Equipment-If your employees are allowed to download software for personal use (like music apps or messaging apps) make sure to scrub these apps from the machine. Most browsers automatically save data to be used as auto-fills, so you’ll also need to check for any data stored in browsers.

Log-ins- Change any shared log-ins the employee had knowledge of. You’d be surprised how many employees try to login after leaving a company.

Social Media- If the employee had access to any social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or company blog, remove their account to prevent unauthorized posting. The goal is to ensure that when the employee is gone, all access privileges and potential security vulnerabilities are gone as well.

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