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What Is A Wide Format Printer, and Is It Right for My Business?

JD Young June 2022 Blog Image

Office workflows have changed in recent years. Companies are taking on more varied work, and they need a flexible printer to handle these new tasks. Sometimes a standard desktop model just won’t get the job done. More and more companies are investing in a wide format printer to keep workflows running smoothly.

Why are businesses in every field coming to rely on their new wide format printer? The extensive features and functionality make it an intelligent way to create better products and reach more potential customers.

What Is a Wide Format Printer?

A wide format printer is the big brother of the basic desktop printers you’re familiar with. However, this device can print on materials at least 2 feet wide, with certain models printing up to 15 feet wide. These machines are often seen loaded with wide rolls of glossy paper, printing up banners, posters, and the like.

However, these devices aren’t limited to paper. Many wide format printers can also handle other materials like textiles, vinyl, and heavy cardstock with the right inks. This gives the printer increased versatility and lets companies produce a variety of promotional items and professional work.

Wide format printers have four different types of printing methods. These are:

  • Toner-based wide format printers. They use heat and pressure to fuse dry toner in place, much like a standard copier or laser printer.
  • Aqueous inkjet printers. These are often the most affordable option. They create quality printed materials at high speed.
  • Solvent inkjet printers. A popular choice for outdoor applications. Their solvent-based inks resist weather, extreme temperatures, and bleaching in the sun.
  • UV inkjets use UV light to dry the ink almost instantaneously. This allows them to print on the broadest range of materials. Their ink is also highly durable.

Wide format printers are designed to work efficiently. These devices produce both greyscale and quality colorwork at much greater speeds than a desktop printer.

Ways Businesses Leverage Wide Format Printers

Businesses have found creative ways to take advantage of these printers. You can create materials with a high degree of precision and visual appeal and print items your customers will love.

Accurate Graphics

In some fields, your clients rely on you to create absolutely precise printed materials. These can include papers like CAD drawings and GIS maps. Your wide format printer creates these documents with a degree of accuracy and detail that your customers can count on.

Display Setups

Why rent a generic trade booth display when you can customize your own? A wide format printer lets you create customized banners, displays, and more. You can highlight your new line of products, take advantage of the latest hot color trends, and regularly switch up the booth’s look. All of this can draw attention away from the competition and onto what your company offers.

Appealing Decorations

The public-facing areas of your business are critical. You want to grab attention for the right reasons, set the tone for your services, and get customers into a relaxed and positive frame of mind. However, buying new floor displays, wall artwork, and sales-related products gets costly. A wide format printer lets you give your public rooms a quick facelift for an affordable price.

Outside-the-Box Merch

Many companies include merchandise as part of their visibility strategy. If your wide format printer can work with cloth, this opens up opportunities beyond the standard coffee mugs and branded pens. These could include shirts, hoodies, aprons, or tablecloths branded with the company logo or an inspiring phrase. It’s a great way to set your business apart when you’re giving exciting new merchandise away at trade shows and conferences.

Should My Business Invest In a Wide Format Printer?

Wide format printers have a lot to offer businesses in every field. Here are a few reasons to consider investing in one of these machines:

Lower costs. Creating your own printed products is far more cost-effective than outsourcing these jobs. You can buy ink, toner, and other materials in bulk while also saving on the third-party service’s markup fees.

Faster turnarounds. It’s a lot quicker to handle printing jobs in-house than externally. You can proof the designs, run copies out, and set up your new floor displays within hours. There are no delays, no waiting for other clients to be handled by the external printing service, and no worries about traffic slowing down item delivery.

Flexibility. A wide format printer works with a range of materials and print job sizes. Full color, highly accurate technical drawings and weather-resistant outdoor posters are all possible with the right machine.

Easy integration. Sophisticated modern technology means that wide format printers can easily integrate into your current network and office setup. You can go mobile with an app, share and access files through the cloud, and print on the go.

Data security. A variety of software solutions lets you monitor the printer and keep a record of its use. You can also set up data encryption and access permissions, keeping your company’s valuable information under control.

Greater productivity. Many models let you stack around 100 sheets in the machine or have up to two media rolls in place. This lets your employees set up a big job and move on to their next task while the wide format printer runs without interruptions.

A wide format printer is designed to print on materials at least 2 feet wide. These machines can work with many media, from paper to vinyl, and can create everything from crisp art to quality, full-color work. Your business will be getting a quick-working device that can boost workplace productivity and integrate with your existing IT network and data security software.

Are you interested in what wide format printing can do for your Tulsa business? Contact JD Young Technologies today to learn more.

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