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Managed IT Services Demystified: Enhancing Productivity, Security, and Cost-Efficiency

Professional businesswoman sits at an office desk starting at her computer screen signifying Managed IT Services

Businesses in every industry rely on technology to help them thrive. A company must embrace these advancements and keep up with their clients’ demands to stand out from the competition. Furthermore, the use of technology will help employees focus on important tasks, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

When a business doesn’t have the financial resources to have an in-house IT support team, managed IT services are the best solution. Here you’ll learn what managed IT services are and how they can benefit your business.

Managed IT Services Areas

  • Technology solutions
  • Copier and printer services
  • Technical support
  • Phone System

Technological Solutions

There are many reasons why a company would look to the services of a third-party managed IT organization. One of the most important is the need to respond to their audience’s demands with the latest technological tools.

Here are some of the business areas where MSPs can help a company.

System Design

Every company has its specific technological needs depending on the industry. With managed IT services, a group of experts can evaluate those needs and provide software that would optimize their response time and improve customer satisfaction. Better still, these systems are easily adaptable in case a company wants features added or removed.

MSPs have experts in every technological area constantly searching for the latest upgrades. For this reason, they will provide professional advice on improvements and updates whenever available.

Software design tends to be incredibly expensive for start-up companies. MSPs, on the other hand, are an affordable alternative. Managed IT services work on an adjustable monthly rate depending on the company’s requirements and services.

Cyber Security

With technological advances came numerous threats that companies must protect against. In order to prevent cyber-attacks that jeopardize confidential information, every IT system must be protected from viruses and malware. Managed IT services will provide security software and monitor the system’s activity to prevent any possible security breaches.

In the worst-case scenario, your company will have a team of experts working around the clock to solve a security breach. First, they’ll ensure the network is free from malware, then inspect it to retrieve lost information and assess possible damage.

Analysis and Reports

Managed IT services will perform periodical evaluations of the network and provide the company with performance metrics and other KPIs. These kinds of reports are useful for a company for various reasons. First, they’ll give an unbiased opinion on the areas that need improvement. Second, a company can determine if an upgrade or change in the system may be the best course of action to enhance productivity.

MSPs will also identify areas where the company could improve through system modifications and more.

Document Management

Document management and storage are essential for every company. Most organizations scan all their important documents to keep a digital version they can access easily. MSPs can provide a company with cloud services that will keep all the information secure. Additionally, these systems can be customized according to the company’s needs, restricting access to certain information or adding different levels of clearance.

Copier and Printer Services

Copiers and printers are essential to any business. With managed IT services, your company will have an efficient printer network accessible to every employee from their computer, even when working remotely. One of the main advantages is that a printer network is cost-effective. Instead of installing one printer per computer, your company will have one main printer with higher quality.

One of the most important benefits of a printer network in a company is that it reduces maintenance costs. Technical support will have to do regular check-ups of only one piece of equipment instead of various pieces.

Technical Support

A company with managed IT services won’t have to worry about system failure as 24/7 technical support will be available. Thanks to their fast response time, the companies will have a team of specialists working on any technical issue as soon as the problem arises.

Technical support services will not only be available in case of a crisis. Less serious problems, such as password recovery and new account creation, can be handled by technical support. Computers, printers, and portable devices can also be subject to issues that require expert assistance to evaluate and repair.

Outsourced technical support also has a financial benefit to any company. Primarily, it helps them save the time and investment it would take to train a team. Employees will be able to focus on their tasks while a group of professionals resolves the technical issue at hand.

Phone Systems

When starting a business, having a telephone number where clients can contact the company is essential. As the company starts to grow, however, it’s possible that one line won’t be enough to satisfy the client’s demands. In those cases, having managed IT services will come in handy.

A group of specialists can evaluate your company’s phone needs and create a system that will work for every employee, even those who work remotely. Additionally, your company will be provided with voice-over-IP services or VoIP.

VoIP technology uses the internet instead of a phone line to connect with your clients. This allows members of staff to connect from a phone, computer, or other portable device. Another important feature of VoIP is that you can access messages, forward calls, and record calls with any device you’re using.

Best IT Solutions

Whether you’re a start-up company or an already established company, staying on top of the latest technological advances will provide many advantages to your business. No matter the industry, companies that use the latest technology earn a client’s trust by providing top-of-the-line services.

When a company doesn’t have the financial resources to create its own in-house team, hiring managed IT services is the best solution. For a monthly rate, your company will have all its technological needs fulfilled and a team of experts available for any issue.

For further information on managed IT services in Tulsa, contact JD Young.

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