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Small Business IT Solutions: Enhancing Company Performance and Growth

Team members gather around several computer screens with code and graphs to symbolize small business IT solutions.

The American market is the largest in the world for IT business services. Therefore, you have plenty of options for implementing business-enhancing IT solutions for your small business. Information technology solutions are the driving force behind any modern business. They have the power to make your small business grow faster and run smoother and more efficiently. This all can lead to decision paralysis, where you can’t determine which service will work best for you. Fortunately, this article will help you navigate the labyrinth of options and choose the best small business IT solutions.

Why Is IT Important for Small Businesses?

The ability to increase the profitability, exposure, and general day-to-day running of your small business by utilizing IT solutions has almost limitless potential.

Exposure and Growth

Roughly half of small businesses fail within the first five years. A major reason so many small businesses fail is a lack of exposure. Simply, not enough people are aware of your business and the services or products it offers. This will not only stunt your sales but also limit your growth.


IT solutions allow you to automate tasks that would traditionally take a lot of time when done manually. Thus, they can dramatically improve the running efficiency of your small business. In turn, this will lead to savings in your expenses and better productivity at a time when your business needs it the most.


Humans are capable of doing many things that technology cannot. However, they’re also not perfect and can make mistakes. Therefore, using IT systems is an effective tool to reduce the risk of human error in data processing and management.


The combination of increased efficiency, accuracy, and exposure will have a potent influence on the overall profitability of your small business. Additionally, small business IT solutions are typically packaged to provide catered benefits that grow with your business. As such, they can cost less than a dedicated IT team.

What Are Some Small Business IT Solutions to Grow and Streamline Your Business?

As mentioned, the initial years of any small business are the most dangerous in terms of survival. However, selecting and utilizing IT solutions is the best way to counter this threat. 

Email Marketing

There are few better IT solutions for gaining customers and keeping them informed about any promotional offerings or new products than email marketing. The estimated revenue generated via email marketing in the U.S. is an impressive $10 billion annually. In addition to being highly effective in generating revenue, it’s also a powerful tool for providing greater exposure for your small business.

Customer Service Tools

Aside from the quality and demand of the product or service your business is selling, the most important aspect for drawing new customers and retaining them is customer service. For that reason, using IT solutions that provide your customers with a better experience is critical. For instance, automating your company’s customer service solutions via chatbots and other software tools provides instant responses. This makes your customers feel supported and increases the likelihood of their continued patronage.

Data Analytics Software

Modern data analytic tools have evolved exponentially in recent years, creating environments that pretty much take humans out of the equation. These tools provide insights into your customers’ behavior, allowing you to adjust your practices to better meet their needs. Furthermore, they’re invaluable for staying current with market trends, so you never fall behind your competitors.

Financial Management Tools

The most important factor for any business, big or small, is its financial viability. Fortunately, there is a host of accounting software available to help streamline your financial affairs. Employing these financial tools will help you track and manage all of the financial aspects of your small business, cutting down on the time and money spent doing it manually.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Of all the IT solutions you could introduce to improve your small business operation, perhaps the most expansive is customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM tech has been designed to encompass a whole range of helpful features that are key for optimizing customer relationships, satisfaction, and retention. Hence, an effectively implemented CRM system will keep your customers happy and coming back for more, resulting in growth for your business. 

How Do Small Business IT Solutions Protect Your Company?

IT solutions are powerful and effective tools for growing your small business, streamlining and increasing the efficiency of its processes, and improving customer satisfaction. However, they can also be used to protect both your business and your customers’ private information.

Cybersecurity Software

Modern businesses need a highly integrated digital infrastructure if they want to succeed in a rapidly globalizing environment. However, maintaining it comes with risks. For example, nearly half of all cyberattacks target small- to medium-sized businesses. Cyber threats, ranging from ransomware to malicious malware and virus attacks, can infiltrate, steal, or expose your business and customer data. Therefore, ensuring that you have sufficient cybersecurity software in place is vital for instilling trust and avoiding theft.

Data Backup and Recovery

Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to function as a business without storing your data digitally. This is great from an operational perspective. However, if you were to lose that data because of a system failure or a natural disaster, then it could spell doom for your business. Fortunately, there is an array of data storing services that fully automate regular backing up of your business data. This IT solution allows you to keep your salient business data safely backed up and, most importantly, allows you to restore and recover said data if it gets lost.

Boost Your Small Business With the Best IT Solutions

The consequences of not applying small business IT solutions can be disastrous. Recent technological developments have made IT software tools more powerful and effective than ever before while keeping their costs low. Therefore, if you fail to utilize them, you can quickly fall behind your competitors. They assist in keeping your business operating efficiently, automate processes that are time-consuming and money-draining, and help to grow your small business into the success story you always dreamed of.

If you would like to speak to professionals about what IT solutions are best for your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business, consult our experts at JD Young. Our team will analyze what solutions will work for you and implement them in a way that lets you get the most bang for your buck.

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