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Take your business to the next level with fully integrated unified communications


Wherever work takes you, a better way to communicate needs to come, too. With Elevate, a full office communications suite goes wherever you go. Elevate combines a feature rich business phone system with video conferencing, chat, contact center, file sharing, and more with the integrated mobile and desktop apps that allow for wherever, whenever communication. And with Elevate, they are all available on one integrated, secure, reliable, and easy-to-use platform.


  • Communicate how you want, wherever you are, with integrated voice, chat, video conferencing, screen and file sharing, and file backup
  • Work from virtually anywhere, at anytime, on any Chromebook, iOS or Android-enabled smart device
  • Switch seamlessly from your desktop to your mobile device, and vice versa, with integrated mobile and desktop apps
  • Consolidate voice and data onto one network
  • Reduce infrastructure and operating costs with no additional hardware to buy
  • Flat, per-user rates with no hidden fees and month-to-month contract options
  • Proprietary VoIP tests help ensure a reliable connection and high voice quality
  • Redundant East/West datacenters increase reliability and reduce latency
  • Triple Guard SecurityTM protects user access, secures applications, and defends the cloud infrastructure
  • Secure datacenters, a certified security team, encryption, password management, 2FA and more safeguard your data against cyberattacks
  • Multi-pronged approach eliminates the complexity and gives you peace of mind that your data is protected
  • Order service according to the number of users; no guessing number of lines needed
  • Ordering additional service is easy and can be done online
  • Manage service and features using a user-friendly control panel
  • Gain insights on Elevate services with the Service Adoption Dashboard to get the best value out of your cloud communication solutions
  • Elevate automatically rings to all of your end points (desk phone, mobile, etc.) with every call
  • In the event that you don’t answer, it routes the call to any number you choose (branch office, automated attendant, mobile number, etc.)


  • Cloud-based phone service with 90+ enterprise-grade calling features and excellent network call quality and uptime
  • System configuration and call reporting are managed from a single web-based portal
  • Protect your business and increase employee productivity with built-in Spam Caller Protection
  • The Elevate Mobile App makes any smartphone an essential collaboration tool
  • Place and receive calls, see who is available, respond to chat conversations, join video meetings, and more from your mobile device
  • Extend your business phone number and extension to your mobile phone
  • Sync contacts from popular third-party platforms (Microsoft 365, Google, and more) to your desktop and mobile devices
  • View real-time working statuses of colleagues, place and receive calls, communicate in real-time with team chat, meet face-to-face in HD video, share and store files, and more
  • Meet face-to-face in HD video and share your screen for more interactive and productive meetings with colleagues and customers
  • Access to advanced features – like automatic meeting lock, virtual backgrounds, meeting transcriptions, and more
  • Enjoy an enhanced video conferencing room solution that allows remote and in-office employees to be seen, heard, collaborate and fully participate in their work meeting no matter their location
  • Works with existing audio and video equipment and only requires a small PC and an Android tablet
  • Voice, chat, and email queues combine into a single omni-channel experience
  • Provide exceptional customer interactions with customizable call flows
  • Devices are plug and play, delivered pre-configured to work seamlessly with the Elevate service
  • No special setup or technician required
  • Includes world-class manufacturers with many models to choose from to meet any business need
  • Voicemail can be managed and accessed according to user needs. Listen and manage from the desktop phone, or through the mobile app
  • Transcribed voicemail messages can be delivered via email, or viewed on the mobile app
  • Voicemail can be received or forwarded as a downloadable email attachment
  • Elevate desk phones and applications include presence – the ability to see whether your company contact is available or busy on the phone
  • Desktop phones include a busy lamp field (BLF) in the LCD display that indicates presence
  • The Elevate desktop and mobile apps display presence information alongside each contact in the Active Directory
  • Elevate WebFax is a “virtual” fax service that allows users to receive and manage faxes via the web or email
  • Transmits faxes directly from a Windows®-based PC
  • Communicate with more than voice and email – use direct chat and private and public channels to have conversations, share files, and more in real-time
  • Use direct chat to communicate with an individual colleague
  • Use private and public channels to discuss specific topics in groups
  • Send and receive unlimited text messages across US, Canada, and Puerto Rico1
  • Access advanced collaboration features like @ mentions, search in chat, replies, rich text editor, and more
  • All messages automatically sync across mobile and desktop apps, and are securely encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Access files from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, file servers, and the web
  • Full control over files, users, devices, and sharing activities
  • Real-time backup of all files, mobile photos, and videos
  • Point-in-time file restoration for quick recovery from ransomware and other types of data loss
  • Up to 200 GB per user of ShareSync file storage included2
  • Provides supervisor monitoring ability, scheduled reports, extended storage, a real-time dashboard, smart greetings, and much more
  • Choose how calls will be distributed across agents with ringing order such as round-robin, sequential, longest idle or ring-all at once
  • Specify the agent wrap time or the number of seconds after an agent ends a phone call before the system routes the next incoming call to their phone
  • May be additional charge based on Elevate license


  • Enable the ability to send and receive text (SMS) to and from your main company number or Toll-Free number
  • Send customers instant, customized responses directly from subject matter experts
  • Provide effective communication by assigning labels (like Sales or Support) to phone numbers for clearer outbound communication
  • Instantaneously respond to customer messages from anywhere using the seamless integration of the Elevate Mobile and Desktop apps
  • Multiple toll-free numbers3 can share the same bucket of minutes
  • In-bucket minutes for calls to/from US and Canada (including Alaska and Hawaii) AND any overage minutes are the same consistent rate, so you have a more predictable bill
  • After the first 18 seconds4, calls are metered at 6-second increments instead of rounding up to a full minute of usage, making your buckets last longer
  • Automatically captures and retains calls, chats and SMS to help ensure your communications are preserved in one place
  • Powerful, contextual search to quickly find Elevate conversations when you need them
  • Facilitates compliance with internal governance and regulatory requirements for retention, retrieval and security
  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and multifactor authentication protects data from access by unauthorized users
  • Seamlessly integrates with Elevate and deploys in minutes with everything needed to enable compliant retention for Elevate communications


The Elevate Extend integrations platform connects powerful voice, chat, video conferencing, and contact center functionalities into everyday business applications like Google®, Microsoft®, Salesforce® and more – driving higher productivity and increasing customer retention at no heavy cost.

The Elevate Extend API platform allows you to integrate the features of our voice, video, contact center, and analytics services into business applications (CRMs, ERPs, Ticketing Systems, etc.). Developers can leverage Elevate APIs to build custom solutions to meet your specific needs and deliver key benefits for your business:


Improve employee and customer experiences by enabling communication capabilities in everyday business apps.

Better Customer

Access relevant customer data at the right time to deliver a more personalized experience.

Critical Data

Add employee calling and communication data to your business reporting tool(s).



The Elevate desktop and mobile applications transform devices into powerful communication tools, giving users access to:

  • Team chat: Communicate with more than voice and email – use direct chat and private and public channels to have conversations, share files, and more with colleagues in real-time
  • Video conferencing: Meet face-to-face in HD video and share your screen for more interactive and productive meetings
  • Calling: Place, receive, and manage calls from your desktop or mobile device
  • File sharing: Easily access, share, and collaborate on documents securely from any location
  • Presence: Real-time working status of colleagues gives more transparency and increases efficiency by letting you know who is available for a quick call, chat, or meeting
  • Mobility: Place and receive calls, respond to chat conversations, join meetings, and access files from your mobile device – making it easier than ever to stay connected and be reachable wherever you go
Find the Right Plan for the Right User
for Teams
with Teams
Mix & Match
Free Device
Number of Concurrent EndpointsUse Microsoft TEAMS apps1 Phone Plus apps1 Phone Plus apps55
Mobile app
Desktop app
Unlimited Calling
Local Number
Toll-Free NumberAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
Auto Attendant
Call Pickup
Caller ID
Hunt Groups with Agent Log in/out
Call Transfer, Call Hold, 3-way Calling, Music on Hold
Call Park/Pickup
SPAM Call Blocking/Tagging
911 Admin Notification
Voicemail Transcription
Call Recording
Web Fax
Elevate ArchivingAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
Presence Detection
2-Way Presence Sync
1 on 1 and Group Chat
User Texting
Company MessagingAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
File Backup, Sync, and Share
*amounts may vary based on when and how the license was purchased
5 GB/user50 GB/user200 GB/user
Exchange Mailbox
Video Meetings and Conferencing
HD Video Conferencing4 Participants100 Participants200 Participants
HD Audio Conferencing200 Participants200 Participants200 Participants
Dial in Numbers
Elevate Rooms
WebinarAdditional ChargeAdditional ChargeAdditional Charge
Screen Sharing
Compact Mode
Unlimited Recordings
Screen Annotations
Transcripts & Meeting Insights
Calendar Sync
In Meeting Chat
In Meeting Notes
End to End Encryption
Meeting Security (password, lock, attendees permission controls)
Elevate Envision Analytics
QoS Dashboard
Call History
Service Adoption Dashboard
Detailed Contact Center Analytics
Elevate Extend Integrations
Active Directory
MS Teams Calling
Chrome (click to call), G Suite, Outlook, Slack (meeting integration), Outlook/Office 365 Meetings Integration), Generic CRM Screen Pop
Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Zendesk
Salesforce, ServiceNow, NetSuite, MS Dynamics
Advanced Hunt Groups
Agent Log in and Log out
Call Queuing, Configuration Wrap up Time, Configurable Agent Removal from the Queue, Greetings Management
Smart Greetings and Additional Call Recording Storage
Scheduled and Graphical Reports
Supervisor Functions (monitor, whisper, barge)
  1. Only available in North America for Elevate with Teams, Pro, and Enterprise licenses.
  2. 200GB is only available for Elevate Enterprise licenses. 50GB available on Pro and 5GB available on Essentials.
  3. $1 for each additional toll-free number
  4. The first 17 seconds of a call will round up to 18 seconds

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