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How to Protect Your Mobile Devices from Hackers

mobile devices

Almost everyone owns a mobile device today.
Everywhere you go someone is using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With the rise of these devices, people are now using them for work to access company data on the go. While mobile devices are convenient and can give a boost to productivity, they also pose some risks. Since they can be lost or stolen much easier than a desktop PC, they come with a whole new set of security challenges for your organization’s sensitive data.

Mobile security is vital to any business that wants to reduce the risk of unwanted access to their sensitive information. If this sounds like you, here are some tips to help maintain the security of mobile devices in your company:

Train your staff
Talk about the security risks related to mobile devices and the possible effect they could have on the business and show employees how to use the built-in security features on their mobile devices. Most security experts say fake apps are the greatest malware danger to mobile devices, so show employees how to spot deceitful apps.

Use password authentication
Mobile devices can require complex passwords to use, which is a strong line of protection. Program smartphones to lock when idle for a certain amount of time, and require the password to regain access.

Encrypt all data
Using encryption software on mobile devices will protect data if a device is ever lost or stolen. There’s plenty of software available for purchase that will help keep your sensitive data out of unauthorized hands.

Keep an eye on the WiFi
When a WiFi network isn’t properly secured it allows others to access whatever you transmit or send. When using mobile devices, only use secure WiFi networks, and never transmit sensitive information while on public WiFi.

Mobile devices present a whole new set of risks to your sensitive data, but these threats can be reduced by using proactive security measures.

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