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Maximizing Efficiency in Your Print Environment

Despite the growing desire to go paperless, offices across the country are still printing at a steady clip. We might achieve a paper-free office one day, but it won’t be anytime soon. This means printing will continue to be a necessity, whether we like it or not. So, if you’re going to print, why not print as efficiently as possible? There's no reason to waste money or time using an inefficient print environment, and the best way to maximize your print environment is to invest in a quality multifunction printer (MFP) with managed print services (MPS). Using duplex printing to print doubled sided pages will utilize both sides of the paper and dramatically cut down on the reams of paper you go through. To really take advantage of duplex printing, set your printers to automatically print double-sided unless overridden by someone with proper authority. Optical character recognition (OCR) is one of the most incredible advances in printer technology. Instead of needing to store tons of physical documents and manually enter data, you can scan, store electronically, and let the technology read what’s on the page. This can save your billing department hours of work they would have spent manually entering invoices. MFPs with additional paper trays can hold more paper, which cuts down on the time spent loading the trays with more paper. It might sound insignificant, but cutting the number of tray loads in half in print heavy offices will make a big difference. Instead of giving every employee their own printer, use network printing to consolidate resources. Sharing an MFP allows your employees to share files and simplifies workflows. Network printing can also let administrators monitor usage and set limits when needed. Applying Managed Print Services can radically increase efficiency in your company and cut costs by enhancing and reorganizing your print environment, proactively maintaining hardware, and consolidating billing. While we might be living in the digital age, every office will continue to print in the foreseeable future.

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