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Why One Man Shows Don’t Cut It

All client names have been changed due to confidentiality agreements. Using the friendly neighborhood IT guy is fine when a company is starting out. But when the friendly neighborhood IT guy sets up an open guest Wi-Fi network with access to your company’s internal network, it’s time to rethink your IT approach. The Client Acme Heat and Air is a rapidly growing full-service heat and air company with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. With more than 20 employees and the need for seamless collaboration between offices, Acme needed a more robust IT solution than their current one-man-show could offer. The Problem The overarching problem was that Acme’s IT infrastructure hadn’t grown with the company as they expanded over the years. This manifested in widespread issues that were taking a toll on both day to day business operations and big picture capabilities. Upon assessment, we found multiple oversights and vulnerabilities their current outsourced IT provider had neglected to solve. Problem 1: Equipment was old and outdated Outcome: Computers couldn’t keep up with the pace of business Problem 2: Each computer had an individual backup solution syncing with the wrong folders Outcome: Lost data could not be recovered Problem 3: File sharing was set up for workgroup level Outcome: Users would lose connection to the shared network every time they rebooted Problem 4: Most computers were licensed for home use instead of business use Outcome: Violated vendor agreements Problem 5: Guest Wi-Fi was open and had access to the internal network Outcome: Created an easy way in for hackers and cyber attacks Problem 6: Computers had no or out of date antivirus software Outcome: Left computers susceptible to viruses and malware Solution After identifying all issues, JD Young created a plan to upgrade Acme’s infrastructure and transition to a fully managed environment. This process took roughly 3 weeks to complete and we are continuing to manage Acme’s IT systems and act as their primary IT provider. Solution 1: Outdated equipment was replaced Outcome: Reduces the cost of tech support and allows users to conduct business more efficiently Solution 2: Installed suitable data backup program Outcome: Lost data can be quickly and easily recovered Solution 3: Network attached storage was created Outcome: Allows users to share across multiple devices Solution 4: All licenses were corrected Outcome: Prevents voided warranties and contract violations Solution 5: Encrypted Guest Wi-Fi Outcome: Protects network from cyber attacks Solution 6: Implemented remote monitoring Outcome: Ensures all antivirus software is updated and patched

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