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What to Look For When Purchasing an MFD "Copier"

Before you purchase a multifunction device (aka: a copier), it pays to look beneath the hood. You’ll want to know the MFD’s speed rating, duty cycle, supply costs, and available bells and whistles. This kind of information is provided by the manufacturers, so you won’t have to go far to find it.

In addition to the manufacturer's ratings, getting a more personal option from a real user can also be helpful. Working with a knowledgeable sales team can give you the perspective you need. The sales representatives at JD Young get feedback from our customers, and they are often end users themselves. By understanding what experienced people in the industry are saying about the product you are researching, you can make a more informed decision. Things you should know when buying a multifunction device.

  1. Know your requirements
  2. Know the Total Cost of Ownership
  3. Know how easy it is to connect to an existing network
  4. Know how easy it is to use
  5. Know its multitasking abilities
  6. Know its bi-directional communication capabilities
  7. Know the available device management, remote intelligence, and support
  8. Know whether it provides the level of security and confidentiality you need
  9. Know what compatible software and solutions are available

Multifunction printers can help you streamline duplicate and cumbersome document processes and electronically organize, edit and archive your paper documents. With an MFP and a simple software application you can turn paper documents into electronic format and send to multiple destinations – email, document repositories, network folders, and even remote printers – with a single scan.

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