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Printer Service Levels Can Make or Break Office Productivity

Close up of a service technician doing copier repair

When picking a new fleet of copiers, multifunctional products, or printers, the quality of the service contract is just as vital as the quality of the product.

All vendors say they have the best service, but how can you be sure a vendor can back it up after you sign the contract? It takes a lot of experience to provide the best service on a consistent basis. Not every vendor will dedicate the resources needed to do this. Before you decide, consider the following:


  • Call the dealer and see if you can easily contact someone.
  • Leave a voice message and test response time.
  • Call the service department and time how long you're on hold.
  • When placing a service request through a website or via e-mail did you receive some type of confirmation?
  • Is it easy to speak with a live person when you call?
  • Did their employees respond to emails and voicemails in a timely manner?

Delivery and Installation

  • Confirm whether machines will be delivered and installed the same day.
  • Will the device be connected to your network the same day?
  • Who will train employees on the new device?
  • Be sure to gauge a dealer's flexibility when it comes to meeting your service needs.

The equipment you buy should help your business be more productive, not slow it down. Taking time to carefully evaluate the service that you will be receiving for the next three to four years is well worth the investment.

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