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4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Developing a Company Brochure

brochure design

Your customers deserve the brochure that best represents your brand. 

A French word derived from “brocher”, or to stitch a book, a physical brochure may feel like a marketing step backward these days. In this digital age, a gorgeous company brochure stands out by its ability to physically stick around. There’s no bounce rate with a physical handout. A great brochure is a return to a time when one could sit and enjoy a piece of literature in their hands without pop-up distractions. A slick brochure can make a great first impression and leave a lasting impression. Even though a brochure is a great tactile first touch for your audience, the right steps should be taken to make sure your investment isn’t immediately hucked in the trash.

1. “What is the goal of my brochure?”

Just like a website or email, your brochure should have a very clear purpose. The aim of your brochure could be to encourage tradeshow goers to submit their contact information to your website. Another brochure could be used to educate existing clients on additional products for an upsell. The goal of a specific brochure should not be vague. It may be necessary to design a series of brochures, each with a different goal. When designing any brochure, start with the goal in mind and work backward.

2. “Would my audience like this brochure?”

All of your marketing efforts should appeal to your target audience. Some people appreciate colorful images. Some individuals may be like police detective Joe Friday from “Dragnet” when interviewing a witness — “Just the facts, ma’am.” Each brochure’s design should make a target audience want to keep flipping through the pages. The design should make them want to keep it. Everything from the colors to the type of paper used should all have the intention of resonating with your audience.

3. “Does this brochure accurately represent my brand?”

There’s a chance that your brochure may end up sitting on a lead’s desk or coffee table for a while. For this reason, it’s important to make sure it’s sending the right message about your brand. From fonts to colors, images to graphics and wording, your brochure should be oozing your brand’s vibe. For the sake of consistency, your brochure’s imagery should also mirror some design elements of your company’s website and other branding. The design of your brochure should be consistent with the rest of your brand messaging elsewhere

4. “Does the company printing my brochures have my best interest at heart?”

Once you’ve carefully designed and tweaked your company brochure to you and your target audience’s liking, finding the right printing company is crucial. Because this is an investment in your company’s branding for years to come, you want to find a printing company you can trust for years to come. You’ll want a printing company that can print large volumes of high-quality brochures on short notice for a competitive price. Your brochure printing company should have years of experience in helping businesses meet their goals. Cheers to the success of your brochure!

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