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The Importance of Mobile Document Access

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(2.5-min read) Sometimes, being tethered to an office can do wonders for managing work/life balance. At other times, it’s a royal pain in the behind. What used to be a nifty feature is quickly becoming a necessity for business. Let’s take a look at why mobile access to business documents is now essential. 

Remote Access is a Must 

 “Eh, I guess I’ll just have to save that task for when I get back into the office.” In the past, being able to work remotely was for those who wanted to get caught up on work after hours or over the weekend. Limited access to documents due to program limitations was understood. These days, having access to all necessary data from a remote office can be the difference between hitting a deadline and losing a deal...or even talented staff. 

Expand Access to Expand Your Team

Technology has increased the talent pool regionally and even internationally. Companies with limited mobile access for workers are at a competitive disadvantage to other entities nipping at their heels in the marketplace. Being able to not only say, “Yes, you can do absolutely anything from a remote location” but also “we can tap elite talent, regardless of location” will set your company apart from your competition.

Your Team Needs Access on the Go 

Once upon a time, most businesses were isolated to a single city or even office. Clients and customers understood that some of their services would require them to wait for their account manager or another support specialist to get back to “the ranch” before they could provide an email response, a deal confirmation, and the like. Well, that’s all changed.  As companies expand their service areas to different parts of the country or even across the globe, it's likely that your team is always on the go — and your client expects results. If you can’t provide an answer to their query or confirm certain details faster than the next company, you may be at risk of losing business to those who can. For this reason, being able to provide secure access to electronic document management systems from everywhere from airports to overseas client offices is critical.   

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