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4 Security Benefits of Cloud-Based Systems for SMBs

cloud system data security

Regardless of what you may have heard in the news, it’s not just the most prominent companies that are under attack by cyber threats regularly.

While these types of stories grab headlines, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are equally the brunt of cybersecurity threats. In many ways, SMBs are even more vulnerable to their attacks due to limited resources. But what are you to do if you are an SMB with limited resources allocated for cybersecurity? Well, here comes the good news: there are products and services designed for you.  Electronic content management software companies don’t just read the leading cybersecurity stories to gauge where to allocate resources — they research where there is the most need. One such company is Square 9 with their innovative GlobalSearch C2 — a highly innovative cloud-based ECM. How is this system different from its competitors? 

  1. Physical Protection of Electronic Content. Even though you access your data in the cloud, all “the cloud” really means is “someone else’s servers you can access remotely.” These datacenters are only as secure as their physical location. GlobalSearch C2’s data centers are fully protected — monitored for fire with necessary suppression protocol, backup of data and power, on-site security, and much more. These measures keep your data safer than you would likely could on-site. 
  2. Complete Data Encryption. Specialized at-rest encryption supplied by GlobalSearch C2 makes compromised data utterly useless to cybersecurity threats. In the event of a cyberattack, your data is fully encrypted with an advanced 256-bit encryption system to keep your data unusable in the wrong hands. 
  3. Advanced Database Security Access. Any encryption is only as good as the security protocols that allow authorized users in and cyber threats out. GlobalSearch C2's data security system keeps access under the control of select users. These users can customize permissions for other lower-tier users. This makes make sure that no data is accessible to those who shouldn’t have access to it — even those on your payroll.
  4. Administration Oversight of User Activity. Whether under a cyberattack or just misplaced data, these issues can be quickly remedied within GlobalSearch C2 by use of an advanced audit trail system. Administrators can see which files were accessed by which users, when, for how long, and what actions were taken with the information. This allows admins to keep close tabs on how your data is being utilized and by whom. 

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