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3 Ways a Managed Print Service (MPS) Can Make Economic Sense

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More companies than ever are seeing the benefits of electing for a managed print services solution for their daily office print needs.

Opting for a third-party business solutions company to handle your company’s print needs for a fixed monthly rate makes printing one less thing to worry about. Still, beyond the peace of mind enjoyed by those who elect for managed print solutions, there are tremendous financial benefits to be had as well. 

1. Decreased Responsibility and Liability

There are times when it pays to lighten the load of liability. One such occasion may be for insurance purposes and determining what your rates may be. When you opt for managed print services from a business solutions company, you’ve immediately lightened the liability load in terms of owned equipment. When you don’t own the printers being used, your company typically does not have to claim responsibility for them for insurance and other evaluation purposes. Because rules may vary, it is essential to confirm the specific criteria with your insurance company, but many find that opting for a third-party managed print services solution helps lighten the books in terms of equipment liability for insurance purposes. 

2. One Bill, No Headaches

Most people enjoy consistency. When a bill is the same every month, this makes balancing the books for the future quick, simple, and predictable. Perhaps the perk that companies enjoy most about managed print services is billing — one price with no hassles. Regardless of machine maintenance and consumables, your business pays one agreed-upon price for all of its printing needs. The reduced number crunching means fewer resources allocated to making the budget work month after month. Your company can easily plan for the road ahead without a bill that yo-yos or nickel-and-dimes them. 

3. If the Customer Service is Good, Everybody Wins

It is in the interest of a third-party managed print services company to make the printing experience as painless as possible for clients. This means designing a custom print strategy unique to each company’s needs, fast and reliable device maintenance, and simple billing. If the managed printer services provider hopes to remain competitive and to show value to their clients, they’re required to go above and beyond. Their hard work and competitive demeanor is your benefit. They enjoy your business, and you enjoy the very best customer service possible; saving you time and resources. 

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