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Document Management Best Practices

Stack of file folders representing document management

Utilizing proper ECM strategies can maximize document management.

Electronic Content Management (ECM) gives you the power to keep, manage, and retrieve all of your files quickly and efficiently. By using a few ECM best practices, you can improve workflow and increase profits by utilizing ECM to the fullest.

Smart Strategy

ECM systems can become just as unorganized as traditional filing systems without proper implementation. The biggest advantage of ECM is that you can search for documents based on what they are, not where they are. To do this, all metadata needs to be filled out and indexed. This includes dates, customer IDs, project names, and other relevant keywords.

Rethink Everything

Going completely digital should cause you to rethink your entire workflow and process to make sure you’re using ECM to the fullest. Most ECM systems can handle notifications, approvals, routings, and, of course, sorting. When designing your new ECM workflow be sure to incorporate all the benefits of ECM.

User Permission

Better security is one of the best features of ECM. However, this new perk is rendered useless if you don’t designate appropriate user permissions to each employee using the system. This lets certain employees only have access to certain files, just like locking a filing cabinet. Not only can you restrict access, but you can also restrict editing and exporting abilities based on security clearance level.

Train Employees

When implementing an ECM system for the first time, you need to budget for training time for all your employees. Setting up all these systems and procedures won’t do anyone any good if no one knows how to use it correctly. ECM is a powerful tool in any company’s toolbox, and using these best practices will ensure that you make the most of it.

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