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Signs Your Document Management is Inefficient

document management

Your document management system is likely a bigger mess than you realize.

Despite the immense gains in document management technology, there are many companies whose office management processes regarding documents are a mess. Some of these offices may not even realize how disorganized their document management processes have become. In this post, we're going to look at a few tell-tale signs that your office's document management protocols could use a little work.

1. You Have to Hire Staff to Manage Paperwork

Any way you slice it, paperwork costs companies money. From printing on it to transferring it, managing it, or storing it, it's not efficient. Most companies are moving further and further away from cumbersome paperwork.

Even though paper will play somewhat of a role in your day-to-day operations, if your company is having to hire additional personnel to manage paperwork, something is likely wrong with your document management system. The latest technologies in document management should actually allow you to reduce document-management related staff, not increase!

Don't feel bad about doing away with these document management jobs. Reallocate these talented individuals towards further growing your business.

2. There Are Visible Documents in Your Office

If stacks of papers are visible upon entering your offices, something has gone terribly wrong. This is a sign that you've not only run out of storage space for these documents but that they are susceptible to being lost or having sensitive data stolen from them.

If you can't manage the paper documents you have, perhaps it's time to look for other document management options.

3. You Say Things Like, "This Is How We've Always Done It."

If you find your document management style remaining stagnant to the way the business' predecessors managed things, this is no reason to continue in such an old fashioned way. While physical carbon-copies and Rolodexes were considered sound document management systems in days gone by, people also smoked while they were pregnant.

Some techniques and behaviors are better abandoned, while new, more efficient techniques should be explored.

4. You Have Trouble Immediately Locating Documents

We've all heard the excuse of the person with the cluttered desk.

"It looks like a mess, but I know precisely where everything is."

While this may be true (it's likely not), how many other members of your team could find the proper documents from your workspace in a pinch. If the answer is "good luck," this is no way to run your business. Not only is it inefficient, but it's a downright irresponsible way to manage sensitive documents.

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