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Is the Paperless Office Becoming a Reality?

People have been talking about 100% paperless offices for a long time now, but now the science is catching up to the talk.

The dream of digitized documents usurping hard copies, is now becoming a reality. This is leading to less clutter and saving money on paper. Everything from books, newspapers, magazines, and even coupons are now appearing on a screen instead of in print. The appetite for instant communication is being fed by both desktop computers and mobile smartphones. Since we are rarely out of Internet range, we are consequently never out of reach of communication. This lifestyle could not be supported by a paper filled world. Now that society has accepted this new lifestyle of constant connection, offices are following suit. Banks, cable companies, and local governments are now all offering a paperless option for billing and communication. One tool that’s helping offices cut down on cutting down trees is Electronic Content Management (ECM). This software allows you to store, search, and export files without the hassle of digging through a file cabinet. ECM systems use scanners to process documents in an efficient workflow that saves time and money. No matter the size, shape, orientation, or color of the document, it can be added to the digital storage system. These sophisticated scanners can detect logos and automatically categorize documents based on user preference. The longer companies use an ECM system, more preferences can be created, and processes will become more efficient. Once offices universally accept ECM as standard practice, a paperless office might be achievable.

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