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3 Questions to Ask About Your Data Security

asking questions

You might not know it, but your copiers and printers can actually store data within their systems.

To the untrained eye, this might seem benign, but the reality is that this stored data can be a major cybersecurity liability.  To protect yourself from these potential liabilities it’s important to know what questions to ask. To help you know which questions you need to be asking, the Business Technology Association put together this helpful list:

1. Are the devices using hard drives or other methods to store data?

You’ll want to find out if the copy-making process requires use of the hard drive.

2. What features come standard with this device?

Some devices will have security features built-in, but some do not. Before you buy, find out what options each device has.

3. What security options can be installed to protect data?

If a device does not have adequate standard security features, you can get aftermarket security measures installed, assuming the device is compatible with 3rd party security measures. Some common security upgrades are:

  • Image overwriting- this is equivalent to shredding a digital document.
  • Encryption packages- make your data practically impossible to hack. Some encryption packages even meet the Department of Defense’s encryption standards.

Asking the right questions and understanding the available safeguards for your data will help protect your business.

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