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Overcoming Document Management Challenges for K-12

teacher in class holding tablet

Managing records for schools can be a major challenge.

Schools and other educational institutions have unique document management requirements. Fortunately, innovations in imaging and document management technology are making such duties increasingly straightforward and secure.

In this piece, we’re going to look at many of the document management challenges presented to K-12 institutions, and how all of these can be easily remedied thanks to technology.

Document Management Difficulties for K-12 Institutions

Security vs. Availablity

Every student creates a massive pool of data for school districts that must be carefully managed. Student data ranges from program applications and financial aid information to immunization records and beyond. Each of these files needs to be available at a moment’s notice but also must be stored in a way that meets robust security and privacy standards. The balance of availability and security can be a major challenge for school districts of all sizes. 

Paper Problems

Not only is maintaining the security of paper documents a challenge for educational institutions but finding the space required for proper document storage is becoming increasingly burdensome. Physical documents are also vulnerable to misplacement, wear, theft, or damage from natural disasters or vandalism.   

Processing & Regulating Access

Even for institutions with the start of digital management protocols, processing the various file formats appropriately to maximize availability as well as ensuring security is a neverending hardship for administrators. Ensuring the compliance of privacy protocols such as FERPA and HIPAA only makes manual file management even more cumbersome.  

Non-Student-Related Document Management

A large portion of an educational institution’s document management needs may have little to do with students. Managing school personnel files, continued educator training, and facility management all require a variety of documents. Processing invoices, purchase orders, expense reports, and maintenance requests can be an immense burden for many institutions or school districts. 

How Professional Document Management Solutions Help K-12 Institutions

Simplified Digital Document Importing & Management

Whether scanning-in or filing away, document management solutions make life easier for all staff. 

From digitizing documents to managing existing digital files, a document management solution simplifies data importing and facilitates uniform file management. Faculty members and staff alike can enjoy intuitive data entry and control so they can spend more time helping students and less time managing documents. 

Streamlined Document Retrieval for Approved Personnel

No more hoops or delays.

A professional document management solution irons out the logistical friction of document retrieval. Digital documents can be transferred and accessed by authorized personnel across—and even between—districts.

Standardized Security & Privacy Compliance

Data protection comes standard.

Maintaining the security and privacy of documents related to students, faculty, and facilities management can be immensely challenging for schools. Knowing who is authorized to view which documents can be confusing and puts privacy compliance at risk. Fortunately, digital document management solutions employ privacy and security protocol protections. These solutions help faculty and staff members maintain FERPA and HIPAA privacy compliance as well as standards to protect against security penetrations—both from unauthorized users or malicious cybersecurity threats. 

Offsite File Storage & Access

All data remains safe and accessible no matter what.

While it’s possible to repair or rebuild school facilities following a natural disaster, the loss of important and sensitive data can set school systems back far more than bricks and desks ever could. Thanks to cloud-storage technology, a professional digital document management solution means all school files are safe from fire, flood, storms, vandalism, or theft. This off-site storage also means that documents can be submitted, updated, or transferred from anywhere by authorized users.

A Consolidated Approach to Data Management

Enjoy one-stop access.

Instead of relying on a confusing and fragmented array of file systems and document repositories, professional document solutions simplify all aspects of data importing, management, and retrieval. From student records to teacher CEUs, school board minutes to purchase orders and invoicing, all documents are just a few clicks away from any location for all authorized users. 

Get Help Transitioning & With Continued Support

Undertaking the transition from a physical document storage setup or various databases to a singular, cloud-based document management system is an immense undertaking for any school district. Keeping it running smoothly also requires knowledgeable user support. From selecting the proper digital file management solution to navigating the transition process and continued support, choosing the right technology solutions partner is crucial to lasting success. For over 70 years, the solutions experts from JD Young Technologies have helped businesses, organizations, and institutions with the tools they need to thrive.

Learn more about Professional Document Management Solutions from JD Young Technologies.

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