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5 Essential IT Solutions for Growing Businesses

Conceptual graphic of a hand interfacing with a tablet representing IT Solutions.

In today’s tech-oriented world, businesses can utilize a range of IT solutions and services to help them grow. They can help streamline, safeguard, and support your business as it develops. This guide will look at some of the most useful IT solutions for growing businesses.

What Are IT Solutions?

Information technology (IT) solutions are a catch-all name for various services provided by specialist tech and IT firms. They can range from cybersecurity solutions to safeguard a company’s files against hackers to communications services, which make it easier for workers to speak and exchange information.

The IT solutions industry is growing bigger and more valuable with every passing year, surpassing $1 trillion in 2019. Businesses of varying sizes and industries rely on these solutions to assist them, saving them both time and money while also streamlining their operations.

Examples of Key IT Solutions for Growing Businesses

If you’re running a small business and trying to help it grow, IT solutions can make all the difference. 87% of small business owners agree that technological platforms and services help them grow their brands, even in difficult times and conditions.

Here are five key solutions that small business owners should consider investing in:


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a crucial communication tool used by many businesses around the world. It works by allowing you to make phone calls across the internet. In other words, with VoIP, there’s no need for traditional phone lines; all you need is an internet connection and a VoIP service subscription.

With VoIP, it’s possible to call not only other landlines and cell phones but also computers and other devices anywhere in the world. VoIP works for instant messaging, video calling, and file transfers, too, making it far more versatile than old-fashioned and frankly outdated phone systems.

If you’re still relying on phone lines, it might be time to make an upgrade. VoIP offers far more features and is particularly well-suited for growing firms which may have offices or remote workers in different locations. It also typically works out much cheaper than line rental, especially for international calls.

Cloud Backups

As your business grows, so too will the number of files across your many devices and networks. You may start to collect much more customer data, for instance, as well as having to manage many more documents, spreadsheets, etc.

With so many documents and so much data, it could be catastrophic if you suddenly lose it all. You might assume that your files are safe on computers and hard drives, but disasters can happen. Something like a flood or fire at your office could destroy devices, or a ransomware attack could allow hackers to block access to your data.

That’s why it’s strongly recommended to have backups. One of the best IT solutions to choose from is a cloud backup service. It copies and stores your data in a secure space on the cloud, where it can’t be damaged or destroyed by natural or physical disasters.

Network Security

We already mentioned the risk of ransomware attacks, but ransomware is just one of many digital threats that could cause chaos for your company. There are lots of other digital threats out there, from sneaky hackers trying to steal your data to computer viruses that could infect your networks.

It’s vital to safeguard your company’s files and networks against those kinds of threats. Even a minor data breach could lead to serious financial repercussions. Plus, customers will be less likely to work with brands which fail to take cybersecurity seriously.

Network security usually tops the list of most-requested IT services. It involves the installation of various defensive measures, such as anti-malware programs, VPNs, and firewalls, to guard your company’s data and devices against hackers, spammers, viruses, and more.

Network Management

You may only have a relatively small number of devices and employees at the start. However, as the business grows, more devices and workers are added, networks expand, and everything can become much harder to manage.

From assigning IP addresses to new devices to dealing with DNS errors, there’s a lot of work involved in managing business networks. So, as many businesses grow, they have to bring in their IT experts to take care of network management.

However, instead of adding an entirely new IT department to your business, you could instead sign up for managed networking services. With this IT solution, a trusted tech firm will take over your network management and deal with all the behind-the-scenes admin, letting you and your team get on with more important matters.

Managed Printing

Growing businesses also tend to do much more printing, relying on copiers and printers to work non-stop. A managed printing provider can help out, handling all printing and copying-related processes on your behalf.

They can assist with everything from ensuring you have the right number and type of printers to suit your needs to fixing printer problems if and when they occur. They can also help you waste less paper and ink, providing a nice boost to your business’ sustainability.

This IT solution also extends to other devices, like fax machines, scanners, and so on. A trusted firm will provide all the hardware management you need, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with paper jams, running out of ink, or being unable to print off those all-important documents.

Help Your Business Grow With the Best IT Solutions

These are just some of the many IT solutions available to growing businesses. There are also many other services to help out with aspects like tech support, employee training, cloud services, emails, and so on. Depending on what type of business you’re running, some IT solutions may be more useful and relevant than others.

Whatever kind of IT solutions you require, JD Young is here to help. From VoIP services to managed networking and more, JD Young offers the reliable, expert assistance you need, taking some of those technological burdens away and freeing you up to focus on growing your business. So, if you’re looking for IT services in Tulsa, contact JD Young today to find out how we can help.

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