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How to Scan Smarter, Not Harder

scanning smarter

Scanning multi-page documents can be trickier than what the average scanner is capable of.

When you’re scanning a 25-page document, and end up with 25 separate files on your hard drive, it’s a sign you need a new scanning system. The odds are you have the wrong kind of scanner or you don’t have enough features to run your scanner efficiently. The kind of scanner you own will determine how it works. Make sure the scanner you're using can meet all your needs.
Here’s a shortlist of different scanners with features that can significantly improve your productivity at the office.

Flatbed Scanners
These can scan a vast range of options from simple printer paper to thick objects like binders and even 3D objects like jewelry and flowers.

ADF Scanners
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) scanners automatically push documents for continual scanning. These are great for high volume scanning jobs, and streamlining workgroup scanning.

Simplex Scanners
This type of scanner only scans one side of a document at a time.

Duplex Scanners
A duplex scanner can scan both the front and back of a document.

Card Scanners
These scanners scan business or ID cards and are usually small.

Mobile Scanners
A great option when you’re traveling and need to scan documents on the go.

Drum Scanners
When you need high-quality scans for graphics and printing, a drum scanner is the way to go.

Whatever your scanning needs are, there’s always a scanner out there that can improve your scanning efficiency.

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